Why Kitchen

The creative process inside a fine dining kitchen always fascinated us – from ideation to prototyping, testing, development, evaluating the product to continuous improvement and reaching the final experience: the meal. But this process is so much more than the extraordinary food that’s placed in front of us. It’s the whole experience – the room temperature, the comfort of the chairs, the table, the decor, the music, the lights…

Days, months and years are invested to make us live a perfect experience starting from the moment we book a table in a restaurant until the moment we leave the room.

We want to bring this philosophy to design and technology improving the relationship these two disciplines have with people.

We are more than a Design & UX (User Experience) agency.
We are an Experience Design agency.

Our Vision

Kitchen was created to solve the right problems. No one knows the product as its creator and that’s why we bring the client to the project and make you a crucial part of the solution. But we do more than that. We want you to talk with your own clients, visitors and users. We want you to experience what real people experience, to know them, look them in the eyes, hear what they have to say, to understand how the product can make them happier. This is our vision, to solve real problems finding the right solutions. With you.

Our Process

Experience oriented, we built a framework that has four circle stages:

seahorse process


In the first half we are open, ideating and without boundaries. We’re creating divergent solutions. And in the last half we gather our ideas and refine them until we reach convergence. Each stage has to be flexible accordingly to its requirements and they have different speeds.

One major difference when compared to traditional methodologies is that we include in our process the first interaction with the project owner, starting before we even present a proposal. These steps are also part of the project because they establish one of the most important things for us: our relationship with you, the client. Human interactions as we said. People at the heart of what we do.

Working with us

We want it to be an experience for itself. The way we welcome people, the way we live our lives, the way we search and work for happiness. This agency is also yours. Because we believe in sharing emotions, experiences and knowledge, we want you to feel at home, just like we do.

We are professionals but before that, we are Humans. For us, being at Kitchen is more than work, it’s our life.

Let’s talk.