Creating Bridges

Sometimes we can make a difference. Reading our manifesto it’s easy to understand that we’re not here to play by the same old rules, or at least we want to change what we think is wrong in our industry. We don’t believe in this “services agency” mentality that creates barriers between us and our clients/partners. We prefer bridges.

We rather think that the bridges can be built and that the Human relationship between two companies can be fulfilled by technology. Not replaced, but fulfilled.


Creating Bridges

As a company we absolutely believe that a successful product/project is only achieved when our expertise is combined with the client’s knowledge of the product itself. But we also think that’s not enough. We believe that when bringing our clients close to our agency’s heart to interact with us or just follow in a real and transparent way what’s happening great things can happen. That’s why we created a “backstage” for each project where the client can see what’s going on, have a conversation about something, follow the daily activities or even just send us a “hi!”. That’s what people do right? And that’s what we are: people behind a brand. (We just uploaded a video where the team welcomes the client to his backstage. Not ours, his.)


There are several advantages with this approach.

  • The client feels part of the process;
  • The gap between us and the client is almost reduced to zero;
  • There no “see you in a week with the deliverables”;
  • Decisions are made quickly;
  • There’s an area where we can talk without the fuss of Slack where you have to answer in a period of 10 seconds or else…;
  • We feel the responsibility to deliver on time;
  • We create human relationships;
  • It’s more than providing a service, it’s bringing the client to the agency and make him/her part of what we are.

You don’t have to build a Big Brother

Hold on. We don’t have a webcam with a secret URL. We’re talking about simple technological solutions that can be achieved with a simple WordPress installation. Technology should serve us, not the other way around.

And one more thing…

Actually, there are more things that we won’t tell here. Why? Because we believe in magic and we know that the discovery moment of something is an experience we never forget. Be part of it.