Celebrating 1 year!

One year ago we were opening a magnificent Pinot Noir from New Zealand. The reason was simple: we had publicly launched Kitchen and it was time to celebrate!

Today is our first anniversary. A year ago we’re committed to creating an agency that would fulfill our biggest expectations: new ways of working, a team of creative thinkers, great clients and of course, challenging and innovative projects. And we did it.


That’s why this celebration post comes with an announcement. We’re proud to tell you that we’re working with a new Client to help them build a new health care clinic. And when we say “build” we’re talking about Branding, Marketing, Social Media, Communication, Design, Technology, Physical Computing, amongst other services. We’re on the path to create an innovative, immersive and futuristic clinic with a strong human approach by connecting digital tools with the physical world in order to build a cohesive customer experience and build the barebones of their business personality. This means to have an intervention in the physical space along with the architecture team.

It’s a dream project for us: creativity, psychology, state of the art design and innovative technologies. A blend between digital and analogic. A focus on the human behaviour. The creation of an experience for a person, for you. These are the reasons why Kitchen exists.

Our team is growing and so are our goals and dreams. We will continue to create an impact with this relationship between design, technology and physical spaces. Digital and analog, physical computing and human behaviour. Programming and psychology, design and people. Welcome to our next year.


For confidentiality reasons we can’t disclose our Client’s identity until the Clinic is open, which will happen soon.